Wellbeing Network

The welfare of our students is important, and in order to provide the care support program which is a notable feature of our school, a network of wellbeing staff has been established.

Among teachers with particular functions are the Head Teacher Wellbeing (Mr H Papangelis), School Counsellor (Mrs A Chappelow) and Careers Adviser (Mrs T Martin).  If a student needs special care or attention from the school, the Head Teacher Wellbeing can be contacted, either by school email, telephone or letter.  A student who needs counselling assistance is advised to make an appointment to see the School Counsellor.  If a student needs vocational guidance, an appointment should be made with the Careers Adviser.

Year Advisers provide an immediate contact for assistance with school and personal problems.  They give pastoral care, co-ordinate the Year’s activities and advise on matters involving school progress.

Year Student Advisers in 2020 are: 

Year 7            –          Ms A Langley

Year 8            –          Mr Rice

Year 9            –          Mr M Redrup

Year 10          –          Ms B Skinner

Year 11           –          Mr A Assaad

Year 12           –          Ms E Avdicevic

Below are links to specific documents that guide the wellbeing support at Port Hacking High School.

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