The Merit System

The Merit System

Merit Award System

Port Hacking High School Merit Award System is designed to recognise students’ abilities in outstanding effort, academic achievement and school/community service. Merit Awards are issued by the staff in class, at sport and at extracurricular activities.  When a student has 6 Merit Awards OR 2 Emerald Awards OR 3 Merit Awards and 1 Emerald Award these should be handed in to Mrs B Munro-Laylim (Languages faculty).  An Opal Award will then be issued to students at their Year Assembly.  When a student has collected 3 Opal awards, they are eligible for a Diamond Award.  When a student has 3 Diamond Awards, they are eligible for a Principal’s Achievement Award, which will be given to students at a Year assembly along with a $100 cheque.

Students who have worked hard and consistently throughout each semester are eligible for a ‘Strive to Achieve’ Award, which is given out twice a year after the issuing of half-yearly and yearly reports.  Students can also be rewarded for exemplary attendance with an ‘Attendance Award’.

Port Hacking High School values the recognition of students’ achievements as a whole school. On Day 10, we have a whole school Award Assembly where students in all subject areas, sport, community service and extracurricular activities are rewarded.

Flow chart of the system can be found here