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Port Hacking High School delivers Stages 4, 5 and 6 curriculums in a comprehensive range of Key Learning Areas. Learn more about what you will study each year

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Port Hacking High School students are offered a diverse range of opportunities to cater to varied interests and talents. Whether it be leadership, creative and performing arts, sport, debating or public speaking, sustainability, peer tutoring , robotics, science groups, there is something for everyone.

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Term Dates

  Start End Duration
Term 1 Tues 1 February (Years 7, 11 & 12) Tues 1 Feb 2022 (Years 8, 9 & 10) Fri 8th April 2022 11 weeks
Term 2 Tues 26th April 2022 Fri 1 July 2022 10 weeks
Term 3 Mon 18th July 2022 Fri 23rd September 2022 10 weeks
Term 4 Mon 10th October 2022 Mon 19th December 2022 11 weeks

Student Representative Council

Each Year has representatives on the Student Representative Council: Ten Year 12; eight Year 11; six Year 10; four Year 9 and four Year 8. The purpose of the Student Council is to promote student participation within the school and to plan and implement changes for the benefit of the whole school community. Students should be sure that their representatives carry the opinions of their Year to SRC meetings. When school policy is being determined, opinions of the Student Council are expressed by the two elected student members on the School Council. The school Captains, Vice Captains and Prefects (all from Year 12) provide leadership on the SRC, and meet regularly with the school Principal.

Peer Support Program

Peer Support is an evidence-based peer-led approach to enhance the mental, social and emotional wellbeing of young people. At PHHS, the year 10 cohort participate in the Peer Leaders’ training program in term 4 each year. The experiential learning activities serve to further develop students skills in communication, decision making, empathy, assertiveness and relationship building in preparation for their role as seniors. Selected students go onto to lead orientation and transition activities for the incoming year 7 students. Throughout term 1, the Peer Support leaders facilitate “Strengthening our Connections”, an anti-bullying program which enables students to recognise their strengths, develop positive relationships, navigate challenges and develop resilience. Peer Support is an integral component of PHHS whole school approach to developing leadership capabilities and reducing negative interactions.

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