During Term 2 the Year 9 Design and Technology class have been completing a unit of work, Party Business. The unit involves the context areas of Food Technologies as well as Information and Communication Technologies.

The Design Brief for the unit is to develop a business plan and portfolio of ideas for a company who runs children’s parties. The portfolio is to be presented to the owners of the local Leisure Centre, who wish to start offering parents the option of having a party for their children at the Leisure Centre. The owners are planning to employ a company to run this side of the business for them.

The students are to develop and present a professional Portfolio of the ‘party concept’, as well as promotional materials to market their Party Plan Company.

Throughout this term, food practical lessons have focused on trialling party food ideas to assist the students to gain ideas and develop their menus for the party. During Week 4 the students worked as a team to do a trial run of a party menu. Over two lessons the students worked in smaller groups to prepare the items for the party, and then presented the foods on the party day, Tuesday the 11th August. This date also happened to be one of the student’s real birthdays! Happy Birthday to Emma, I hope you enjoyed celebrating your birthday with your classmates.

The assessment task is due Week 7 and Mrs Cleaton and Miss Mayo are looking forward to marking your creative ideas.