French Update

Port Hacking High’s French students have been hard at work developing their language skills and putting their knowledge to work throughout Term 2.

Year 9 have started their unit on personal descriptions “Comment sont’ils ?” and have been collaborating to create some artistic study notes! In a race against the clock, students worked in small groups and were given 10 minutes to label a diagram with as many body parts as they could remember. The teams worked excellently, and their creations are on display in 137B as a helpful study reminder! Bon travail Year 9!




















Year 10 have been diligently focused on their study of Le Passé Composé (the past tense) and have been practising their skills in the classroom and out. Year 10 students have been crafting and polishing their drafts for their upcoming assessment task, writing a response letter to a French exchange student. Students have been working hard to further their communication skills. Un très bon effort!

Our most senior French class of Year 11 students have been studying hard and learning all about La Famille et La Vie des Jeunes (Family and Youth Life). Students have been sharing their knowledge with one another and developing original texts using the classroom whiteboards, allowing them to experiment and create freely as well as incorporate feedback from each other and the teacher. They sit their assessment task in Week 10 and are set to create some quality pieces. Continuez vos efforts Year 11!

Ruby Calder-Little – French Teacher