Lockdown Design Challenge (LDC)

Years 9 & 10 Wood Technology classes have been set the challenge of designing and constructing a piece of cardboard furniture whilst we are in remote learning, we are calling it the Lockdown Design Challenge.

The challenge helps students to look at sustainability in the furniture industry as well as developing concepts with the aid of prototyping, both very important factors to consider when building traditional timber furniture.

Sustainability and the Timber Industry

We live in a throw-away society. Furniture is being imported from overseas and is often of inferior quality. These in-trend furniture items are built to last for a season or two and then discarded into landfill. An example of this is the Kmart furniture range. Gone are the days of quality hand-crafted furniture built to last.

So how can we make sustainable furniture for the throw-away society?

Welcome to the cardboard furniture revolution!

Companies such as Chairigami and even the Tokyo Olympics have already got on board (pun intended) with the idea of cardboard furniture. Can our Year 9 & 10 Wood Tech students do the same?

Watch this space to see what they come up with!

Mr Allouche – Head Teacher Industrial Arts