Year 8 Visual Arts

Since our return to school Year 8 have been busy creating and making up for the missed practicals during lockdown. Utilising their knowledge gained from online learning, students designed and created intricate ceramic forms inspired by natural patterns and organic materials. Here are some of the amazing works created by Zara Hawthorn and Evelyn Jones.


Year 9 Photography

Year 9 have been documenting locations, whilst exploring the creative potential Photoshop offers with some exceptional edits.

Students progressed through a series of steps, firstly taking images of natural elements from within the PHHS grounds. Here is an outstanding image captured by Matthew Forster.

Year 9 then used these images to explore the possibilities of manipulation within Photoshop, some students even creating droplet effects on their image. See Joban Singh’s image as an example of what amazing stuff they can do.

To finish off the term, students have been experimenting with studio lighting and glitch edits. How cool is this portrait created by Sam Mayes?!

Miss Thompson – Visual Art Teacher