It is so pleasing to see our Year 7 students back at school, heads down in class and working hard.

As we approach Term 4 our students have had the opportunity to experience many new and exciting subjects. Some highlights include: digging in the archaeological dig site, cooking nutritious meals, constructing patchwork cushions in textiles, caring for the school garden,  constructing items in wood and metal work and learning to play a variety of musical instruments.

Here are some pics from Ms Somerfield’s 7K History class on the archaeological dig site:

And creating delicious delights in TAS:

Recently Year 7 participated in an online wellbeing workshop delivered by Miranda Headspace via Microsoft teams. The purpose of the workshop was to equip students with information about anxiety and depression and how they might be experienced as well as practical ways that they can support themselves and their friends. Students were provided with a variety of resources referring to services they can reach out to for support.

Year 7 took some key tips away about bullying and summarised them as follows:

  1. Refuse to be a bystander
  2. Lend a hand
  3. Alert an adult
  4. Stop the spread of harmful messages
  5. Be a friend
  6. Respect Differences

Thank you to Miranda Headspace for taking the time to address our students.

Alex Langley – Year 7 Adviser