Hi, my name is Nyasha and I’m in Year 7. I come from South Africa, in particular Johannesburg. I came to Australia with my Mother and brother in 2017 and we have settled in Miranda. You might ask why? Well, to have greater opportunities, a better education and a safer environment to grow up in. At first, I thought that Australia was going to be the same as America and I mistakenly tried using American style slang. When no one understood what I was saying, I realised that Australia has its own sayings, which are very different to the USA.

A little bit about me: I enjoy language! I speak English and Zulu. When I was in Year 2, I was asked to teach my class how to construct a sentence in Zulu, which is an important language in South Africa. To say “hello” you would say “sabona”, to say, “How are you?” you would say “unjani” and to say “I’m OK” you would say Ngiyaphila”. Of course, English is a compulsory language in South Africa.

Some things are different and some things are the same about school in Australia compared to Johannesburg. The way we learn in Australia is different because the school terms are longer here. In Johannesburg, school starts at 7am and finishes at 1 pm. The topic choices are slightly different as well. I attended a private school, which was much stricter than PHHS, for example homework was extremely important. If you didn’t complete your homework, there would be “trouble”. Also, my school in South Africa was not as multicultural as PHHS.

I feel that I have settled in really well to Australian life but I do miss my family in South Africa, especially my Dad, Aunts, Uncles and cousins. I miss wearing colourful clothing! I really miss going outside at night and seeing the stars, there are so many to see in Africa.

(Thanks to our EAL/D teacher Sheridan Prestidge for her support in sharing Nyasha’s story)