Year 10 have been working exceptionally hard since coming back to school after our online learning and are now thinking about their future careers and pathways of what they would like to strive to achieve over the next three years.

Students are looking at TAFE and university options whilst selecting their subjects for Year 11 and 12; others are looking into traineeships, apprenticeships, work experience options and trying to get part-time work.

I would like to commend the following students on achieving these awards from earlier this year before our new awards system:

Ashton Barr: 2x Opal and a Diamond Award

Lawson Da Silva: Opal Award

Kyle Gurton: Diamond Award

Chanel Leung: Opal Award and a Diamond Award

Cade McCoullough: Opal Award

We had three Year 10 students to be awarded with a Principal’s Award and will receive their $100 cheque and award very soon: Thomas Altamura, Athena Del Rosario and Charli Harrigan! Well done we are so proud of you.

Our new merit system is in place and many Year 10s have been receiving awards for positive behaviour, learning success and showing leadership and whole school contribution.

Congratulations to the following students who will be receiving their connecting levels and certificates: Mia Baxter, Briana Kellet, Thomas Altamara, Zoey Antoniou, Georgia Garforth, Joy Choueifati, Savannah Flyd, Rhea Himmel, Sam Merchant, Paige Knight, Alesha Gurmukhani, Ashley Gray, Ciara Hayes, Nicola Korizi, Chanel Leung, Eryn Kalamvokis and Sophie Prentice.

I would also like to welcome two new students to our cohort Thiago Viana Peres and Lucas Vallejo and hope that they have settled into our school and enjoy being a part of our PHHS Year 10 cohort and team.

Ms Skinner  – Year 10 Adviser