This year at PHHS, with the support of the amazing Ms Lombardo, we have created a new leadership team known as VOICE, which supports our students and the broader community in issues relating to social justice. We have members from Year 7 to Year 12 participating in the team and have come up with the mission statement and new initiatives and challenges to support people. This is a leadership opportunity for ALL STUDENTS at Port Hacking to get involved with, to make a difference to our school community, and broader society.

Some of the initiatives or projects VOICE has initiated so far are:

  • Term 1  International Women’s Day:
    • Members of VOICE spoke to their year groups and teachers at year assemblies.
    • Encouraged both students and teachers to take part in the theme #Choosetochallenge.
  • Term 2 World Autism Awareness Month:
    • Assisted with SRC, to hang up posters.
    • Members also assisted the Special Education Unit along with SRC with the BBQ.

Some projects that are under development are:

  • Addressing Bullying at school:
    • Defining bullying to students
    • Student shout outs
    • Creating a secure and private reporting system
  • Kindness Campaign:
    • Encouraging kindness in the playground
    • Random acts of kindness
  • Pride Month Activities:
    • Educating peers
    • A school-wide approach to LGBTQI awareness

We encourage more people to join the team because together we can make a change in the community!

We meet fortnightly on Wednesdays at Recess with VOICE Coordinator Ms Lombardo. Listen out to the notices for details, and come and join in our work to create a socially just and cohesive school.

Aditya Aravind – Year 10


Mission Statement:

VOICE (Volunteers of Immediate Change and Education) aims to support people in school and the broader community by taking initiatives and challenges to advocate for environmental, political, and social issues.  We created specific goals related to Social Justice, which was then collaborated with SRC to mutually support each other’s projects. Unlike the SRC, members of the VOICE leadership team are not elected. Instead, it’s a team of people that have an interest in community service and social justice.

The team have differentiated the terms Equality and Equity by explaining what it means. Equality promotes fairness and justice by giving everyone the same thing, whereas Equity is about making sure people have access the same opportunity/equipment.

As a group, we came up with our own mission statement, which is:

We, the Volunteers of Immediate Change and Education (VOICE) of Port Hacking High School, believe that everyone deserves to be accepted and treated fairly by society, regardless of gender, sexuality, ability, cultural background, age or socioeconomic status.

We will advocate for everyone’s social, political and economic fairness through personal action and the education of others.

We commit to:

  • Modelling respectful and just behaviours to promote our school values, with a focus on respect, empathy, understanding, acceptance and kindness.
  • Engaging respectfully in discussions and activities that aim to improve the wellbeing of those who have experienced injustice.
  • Empowering others to make the world a more just place by:
  • Identifying and raising awareness of social injustices that occur in our school and the wider community;
  • Inspiring self-reflection;
  • Raising awareness of terminology used in everyday life that is rooted in prejudice;
  • Raising awareness of how unjust behaviours affect others; and
  • Providing practical examples of how each individual can take personal action.

Carla Lombardo – VOICE Coordinator



Port Hacking High School | VOICE 2021