Despite facing countless challenges over the past few months, our SRC team is ecstatic to be able to announce some exciting fundraising events and whole-school initiatives to reinforce the values that embody the positive learning environment here at Port Hacking. Most recently, the SRC team have been planning for the following initiatives:

Implementation of New Recycling Bins

To begin with, it is our pleasure to announce that the SRC have been successful in attaining two permanent recycling bins to place within the school. One of the primary focuses of the SRC this year has been to enhance the environmental consciousness of the school, and the insertion of these bins is only the first step to a plethora of minor adjustments. The installation of these recycling bins will further be used by the SRC team as a mechanism of funding future events and activities.

In effect, these bins are perfect for disposing any plastic bottles, poppers, aluminium cans and cartons – including those purchased from the school canteen.

In order to maintain the integrity of the initiative, we ask that you please do not place any food waste items within the recycling bins. Members of the SRC are working on signs to clarify the items that are able to be placed inside if you are unsure.

Masks for the Residents of St. Basils

At Port Hacking, we also value the connections we have with the outside community. Due to the current situation, we understand that those in Aged Care homes are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19.

In response to this issue within our community, we have decided to start an initiative (suggested by one of our students) to create handmade Port Hacking face masks for St. Basils Miranda. These face masks will be produced by our students, and constructed with reference to the Victorian Government guidelines on ‘How to make a cloth mask’. By following this government recommendation, it will allow our students to craft safe, COVID responsible masks which will allow our local community to stay COVID safe.

Fundraiser for the Lung Cancer Foundation

In week six, the SRC will be holding a partial mufti-day fundraiser event, in support of the Lung Cancer Foundation and in memoriam of our beloved school librarian, Mrs Riordan.

It is through this day that we intend to continue to pursue Ms Riordan’s ambition, as an advocate for finding a cure for lung cancer, and as someone who never smoked, to remove the stigma which unfairly categorises patients as ‘smokers’.

More details regarding the specifics of the event will be affirmed over the next couple of weeks.

School Competition (Basketball/Handball)

On the first day of term 3, the SRC held the first round of the basketball competition; involving our senior students and even some teachers!

After an intense shoot-off, we are pleased to announce the winner, Leo Hu (Year 11) and the runner up, Talan Mulhall (Year 12).

The junior competition round, for those in years 7-10 has been postponed to week 6 and we hope to see many keen and eager faces attending. Although, please note that there is a small entry fee of $1. All proceeds go directly into the SRC so that we are able to fund even more exciting initiatives such as the “Student versus Teacher Handball Competition” occurring next Tuesday for year 12. With trials fast approaching, this will be a great opportunity to relieve stress and re-set for some hardcore study.

That is all for now, but stay tuned for more updates!

Kaye-Cee Balagot and Angelica Kalamvokis – Year 12

(With many thanks to SRC Coordinator, Ms Thompson)