This term the SRC have been busy little bees! Here is a recap of the final initiative and events for 2020.

Wednesday 11th the SRC ran a virtual assembly to Honour Remembrance Day. Lawson delivered a very moving tribute to the Australian men and women who have served out country past and present in global conflicts and the significance of Remembrance Day as the end of WWI, before we reflected on their sacrifices in the transitional minute of silence at 11am. Oliver and Ben recorded the last post in the new Sound Room in CAPA, which was live streamed to the entire student body. The clip was accompanied by a pre-recorded visual of the traditional flag raising ceremony, which was conducted by Grace, Rhea and Ashley. Thank you to Mr Moore for recording the last post with the students and to the HSIE staff for assisting in the preparation of the ceremony.

On Friday 20 November, the Year 12 prefects and SRC addressed the student body on the importance and message behind White Ribbon Day. Our students engaged in an online lesson that reinforced the school values of ‘Respect’ and ‘Kindness’, discussing the effects domestica violence can have on families and communities.

Our 2021 Year 12 cohort band together to lead a walk against violence around the school grounds during recess in support of the #notsilientnotviolent White Ribbon Walk. This day has allowed us to raise awareness on an important issue and allow students an authentic forum to discuss their thoughts, create and lead an effective program, and make a real lasting difference to their own community.

December 1 the SRC assisted our Year 10 Peer Support Leaders in welcoming the upcoming 2021 Year 7 cohort into PHHS for Orientation Day. While the Peer Support Leaders ran the group activities, the SRC were busy cooking up a storm on our new BBQ’s at the Hockey Field. With a sausage sizzle, juice poppers and ice cream who wouldn’t be excited to start Year 7 next year!

December 2, the SRC assisted the Special Education Faculty to celebrate International Day of People with Disability. While the Year 12 Prefects were busy on the BBQ, the remainder of our SRC students were busy enjoying the lawn games, oversized chess, and oversized connect-four and of course, more sausage sizzles to celebrate the day with both our mainstream and Special Education students. Thank you to Ms Gassman for organising and initiating such an amazing event!

Just when you think ‘There can’t be any more’ our 2020 Prefect team came back to PHHS to leave behind their legacy. Throughout the year that was 2020, many initiatives, plans and intended events had to be cancelled due to restrictions. However, this did not break the resilience of our Year 12 students. Once the HSC was out of the way, they planned a beautiful mural to compliment the new and improves fixtures of the Senior Quad. This mural will be added to by the Year 12 cohorts to come, each year leaving behind the key messages of their final year at PHHS. Thank you to each and every student that came back in their own time to complete the mural.

Rochelle Thompson – SRC Coordinator