This year our new values-based merit system launched, and last week our most dedicated students were awarded ‘Thriving’ medallions in special assemblies – a most impressive achievement!

Congratulations to Charlotte and Christian from Year 7, Matthew, Szonja and Zuzia from Year 8, Aditya from Year 9, Joy, Ashley, Olivia and Grace from Year 10, and Krisha, Meher and Luke from Year 11.

These students earned at least 18 merits awards this year, covering the three core areas of positive behaviour, engagement in learning, and leadership/school service, PLUS they gained a ‘Strive to Achieve’ award from their year adviser for their efforts in learning in 2020.

Congratulations to our medallion winners, and we look forward to seeing more students reach the ‘Thriving’ level in 2021!

Hipp Papangelis – Head Teacher Wellbeing