Mrs Murphy, Ms Collis and Ms Edwards

A warm welcome to our new e-newsletter, ‘Port Life’! We’ll be publishing three editions per term, as a summary of school events, a celebration of our students’ achievements, and the communication of important information.

It’s certainly been an eventful start to Term 3: we’ve dived into straight into subject selection for Years 8 and 10, launched a new mode of parent-teacher interviews via video conference for Year 12, and transitioned back into our focus on learning in our classrooms across the school.

First, we want to wish Year 12 well as they head into their Trial HSC exams next week. We are incredibly proud of how this resilient group of young people have faced the challenges that this year has thrown at them – not only the challenge of the HSC, which is tough enough, but the additional obstacles presented by Covid – the interruptions to learning and the psychological toll the demands of this year have taken.

Yet, despite these unique pressures, as we walk down the corridors and into Year 12 classrooms, we still see smiling faces and real engagement in learning; students adapting, adjusting, bolstering and supporting each other; and our dedicated teachers guiding and encouraging them to strive to achieve their best in challenging times. No matter their HSC results, Year 12 2020 is already a success!

It was wonderful to meet many Year 12 parents via Zoom this week as we work to support your children together. If you missed the interviews and you’d like to chat to your child’s teachers, please get in touch with us via the school email. We’ve sent Year 12 parents an evaluation of the session, via email. Please take a minute or two to complete it and give us some feedback.

Our key message for ALL Port Hacking students, as we continue the bumpy ride through 2020, is the importance of being cohesive and united as a team – students, teachers and parents. Together we are stronger.

We want to remind you all of our school values, captured beautifully in our values tree, launched by our Head Teacher Wellbeing Mr Papangelis this year. Our tree represents that learning is growth, and at Port Hacking, our mission is to grow our students into young people with integrity, empathy, kindness, tenacity, understanding, acceptance, personal responsibility and resilience to become active, informed and engaged citizens. Essentially, our goal is to create good human beings who will go out into society not only prepared with rich content knowledge, but with strength of character.

At the foundation of our school wellbeing system is respect, and the language that we use in the classroom and playground when addressing students about their behaviour is all about our values. At the top of the tree is excellence, and this is what we are striving for – our personal best at all times.

A reminder that school uniform is central to our value system. We have high expectations of students in all areas of endeavour, including uniform. Please ensure students are wearing the correct black leather shoes, no hoodies, and track pants ONLY on Thursdays. Students require a note from home if they’re out of uniform.

In this newsletter you’ll find information about our subject selection process, introductions to some of our students through our #HumansofPort campaign, wellbeing updates from our Year Advisors and wrap-ups of key events.

Please always feel confident to contact the school if you have any concerns. We’re here to work together and proactive, open communication is valued. Your child’s year advisers are your first point of contact. Fingers crossed we get through another term face-to-face, and thanks for all you do to support our school.

Jo Collis – Deputy Principal Years 7 and 10

Karen Murphy – Deputy Principal Years 8 and 11

Lisa Edwards – Deputy Principal Years 9 and 12