Wow – it’s already Week 6, and though the interruptions of Covid-19 continue, Term 3 has still been a busy one for staff and students.

This week is SASS Appreciation Week, where we say thank you to all of our school administrative and support staff, without whom our school would not function. A big shout out to all of our office staff, our lab and kitchen assistants, our SLSOs (teachers’ aides), library support staff and our general assistants. On behalf of our students and community, we recognise the massive effort you all put in to keep things running smoothly at Port Hacking. Thanks to our Year 11 students who ran the front office while our SASS staff enjoyed a thank-you lunch!

For Year 12, we’ve reached the end of our Trial HSC exams, and our students are receiving their results across their subjects. We encourage all our Year 12 students to use their feedback now, from the Trial exams and from their teachers in this final period of learning before the HSC, to maintain that growth mindset to continue to improve. It’s never too late to put in that extra effort and know that you’ve done your very best!

Many Year 12s have already started the HSC, with major works submitted for Extension 2 English, Industrial Technology and Drama, and Society and Culture personal interest projects. Music, Design and Technology and Visual Arts submissions are coming up soon; and Dance and Drama HSC performances were assessed by external markers over the past couple of weeks.

While Year 12’s end-of-year celebrations have been disrupted by Covid-19, we are planning some fun final activities for them for the end of term, with Year Adviser Ms Avdicevic. Stay tuned for details!

Our staff will be undertaking extensive professional learning in ‘visible learning’ throughout 2021, with a focus on student engagement as we support our teachers to evaluate our practice and our students to understand their own learning. Our executive team began the experience earlier this month, with a full day’s workshop via Zoom to lay the foundation for our learning journey. More to come on this in 2021!

NSW Education Week was 3-7 August, and if you follow our social media you would have seen us sharing our students’ learning through our Facebook page. We are lucky to have extraordinary teaching staff at Port Hacking, and in Education Week we also recognised the efforts of some of our outstanding teachers who go above and beyond to support our students and their learning. Mr Papangelis, Mr Baxter, Ms Paulson, Ms Martin, Mr Zammit, Ms Elshaw, Ms Lombardo and Ms Irwin received Education Week certificates of appreciation for their efforts.

Finally, we want to recognise the impressive work that Ms Thompson and the SRC have been doing in support of the student body and the community. This week the SRC organised a fundraiser for the Lung Foundation of Australia in honour of our former librarian Ms Riordan, who lost her battle with lung cancer earlier in the year. They’ve also installed recycling bins to help with creating a more sustainable Port Hacking, encouraging our students to reduce their impact on our environment.

As always, we continue to encourage our students to consistently demonstrate the values of our school, with respect at the foundation of all of our relationships at school, as we strive to do our best in our learning. Thanks to our parents and community for your ongoing support as we work hard to encourage the development of responsible, resilient and respectful young people here at Port Hacking.

Jo Collis – Deputy Principal Years 7 and 10

Karen Murphy – Deputy Principal Years 8 and 11

Lisa Edwards – Deputy Principal Years 9 and 12