Finishing 2020 on a high!

Well it hasn’t been a conventional year to say the least. This term we have been thrilled to get back out into the community. SE1 loved visiting Cronulla and Camellia Gardens, where students were able to develop skills in managing their belongings, budgeting, social skills and appropriate behaviour in the community. The students represented our school with pride and we look forward to continuing this valuable program in 2021.















































Last week our Year 7 students got amongst the fun at the Year 7 Picnic. Students participated in a variety of activities such as dance and Frisbee. They enjoyed free play on the very impressive adventure playground at Oatley Park and enjoyed a sausage sizzle and ice-cream for lunch.

Students have continued to enjoy our cooking lessons, preparing and tasting a variety of foods such as Greek Salad and Guacamole and corn chips. ​


















All students are to be congratulated on their efforts and achievements during 2020. We wish all families a happy and restful break. Merry Christmas and see you in 2021.

Alana Chandler – Special Education Teacher