Our Exercise the Mood program, coordinated by Head Teacher Wellbeing Hipp Papangelis (Mr Paps), combines a weekly exercise program in our gym each Wednesday morning with our amazing volunteer personal trainer Laura, with positive psychology, run by our school counsellor, Isabel.

We want to say a MASSIVE thank you to Laura, a personal trainer from PE Movement (pemovement.com) who DONATES her time to our students each week, getting them moving and having fun, ready for learning, from 8am each Wednesday morning.

All junior girls are welcome to come along this term. If you’re interested, please see Ms Paps in Science for details.

A big thanks to Laura and our school counsellor Isabel for your time and energy in assisting our students to become the best they can be, and to Mr Paps for his vision! This is a fabulous initiative that would not be possible without you all.

Lisa Edwards – Deputy Principal