We are pleased to inform you that over the past two weeks, students in Year 9 have met with an allocated mentor to discuss future short- and long-term goals.

This experience provided students with the opportunity to discuss their individual learning progress and time to discuss any wellbeing issues where assistance, as well as guidance, may be required.

The remainder of Year 9 who have not met their mentor to date will be finalised during the last week of August and first week in September.

This program has been positively acknowledged and students who were surveyed described this program as positive, worthwhile and able to assist them to set short- and long-term goals.

A reminder to all students who have accumulated at least 12 merit certificates, that they may be eligible for a Succeeding Level Merit. Students should take all their merits to their assistant Year Adviser to confirm and guide them through our new merit system.

A reminder to all our school community, that if anybody is experiencing anxiety and associated issues related to COVID, they can receive help from the Black Dog Institute which has a host of strategies to assist with COVID related issues. See me for more information, or check the Black Dog website: https://www.blackdoginstitute.org.au/ Our SRC are supporting the Black Dog Institute’s Mullets for Mental Health, where students are growing mullets to raise awareness about mental health issues. See Ms Thompson in the CAPA staffroom to get involved!

Hipp Papangelis

Head Teacher Wellbeing