Under the guidance of Ms Murray from our CAPA faculty, a number of students have been involved in creating and completing a mural in the quadrangle that reinforces the school’s Values framework. Apart from enhancing the aesthetic environment of this central area in the school, the initiative has been undertaken with the aim of reinforcing what is generally accepted positive personal characteristics and encouraging students to reflect on their own approach to their behaviours and attitudes.

Mr Zammit from our TAS – Industrial Arts faculty, is providing the opportunity for selected students to be involved in some refurbishment of the senior quad area.  This initiative will not only enhance the environment for our senior students but additionally will provide participating students with skills in construction and design.

Year 11 students are heading towards the completion of their studies in the HSC Preliminary courses and will sit their end of course examinations during Weeks 8-10. We wish them well as they complete these preliminary courses and move into their HSC courses and final year of schooling.

Year 12 have completed their Trial HSC examinations and are assiduously attending to their studies as they move towards the end of their formal schooling. The Year 12 Graduation Ceremony will be held in the last week of Term 3, on Thursday 24th September, however, attendance in 2020 is limited to Year 12 students only. Timetabled lessons for Year 12 students will continue into the first week of Term 4  (12-16 October) and students are required to attend and take full advantage of these lessons before the commencement of the HSC exams on 20th October. I know all members of the school community join me in wishing our Year 12 students all the very best as they approach this milestone in their lives.

It is necessary for me to again remind and inform parents of the following requirements placed on the schools in regard to COVID-19 protocols. I know that I can rely on parents to continue to reinforce with their children at home these sensible and necessary requirements.

We continue to talk to students about the absolute need for hygiene (hand washing, sneezing/coughing protocols), and social distancing in the wider community. We have received a number of complaints from members of the public advising that our students are not observing social distancing while in and around Westfield Miranda.  I again ask parents to stress to their sons and daughters that they should avoid visiting local shopping centres before and after school except where absolutely necessary, and not linger once they have completed their purchases. They must not congregate in groups.

Please also be aware that the school is still required to restrict access to the school site to ALL visitors, including parents, except where a prior appointment has been made. Parents should not drive on to the school grounds. Should it be necessary to collect your child during the school day, please walk to the western pedestrian gate on Kingsway (closest to the school office) and staff will escort your child to that gate.

From 24th August, schools are required to implement the following additional COVID-19 protocols:

  • Schools are to encourage staff and parents to arrange for the person who is unwell to be tested so they can return to school as soon as possible once their symptoms have resolved to minimise the absence from school. For people who are unwell with respiratory symptoms, a negative COVID-19 test result must be received and sighted by the school.
  • Where a parent/carer is unwilling to allow their child to undertake a COVID-19 test or provide the school with a negative COVID-19 test result, the student will be excluded from school for a 10 day period. Additionally, the student must have been symptom-free for at least 3 days before returning to school.

Schools have been advised that Year 12 students will have their COVID-19 test results fast tracked through pathology to reduce disruption to their studies and exams. They simply need to advise the nurse or doctor doing the test that they are HSC students. It is important that all Year 12 students:

  • Stay 1.5m apart where possible
  • Wear a mask if physical distancing is not possible
  • Get tested ASAP if they have even the mildest of symptoms
  • Tell the clinician doing the test that they are a Year 12 student and to mark the referral ‘Urgent – HSC student’.
  • Stay home and self-isolate until results are known
  • Receive a negative test result before returning to school. Providing the school with a screenshot of an SMS result is sufficient.
  • Call the contact number provided by the clinic if results are not received within 36 hours.

Students and their families can find the nearest testing clinic at:


Read my letter to Year 12 parents here, which I have emailed today: Year 12 End of Year notification

Brett Hugo – Principal