Over the course of last week I visited each Year 8 class to discuss subject selections and the process for choosing subjects online.

Year 8 have received an information booklet regarding all of their subjects, as well as the electives they will be able to choose from for 2021. All students will complete the mandatory subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, PDHPE and sport. Students will then be able to choose three elective subjects. Information on all of these elective subjects is contained in the booklet given to students during the week.

On Monday 27 July, all Year 8 students were sent an email to their education email account which contains a link to Edval, our timetabling software, as well as an individual wedcode to be able to log in and make their online subject selections. Students need to have completed this online selection by 6am on Monday 3 August.

If students need clarification on any of the subjects offered as an elective, they should see the respective Head Teacher of that subject area. If students are unaware of which faculty may teach a certain subject then they can seek advice from me.

Attached is the Power Point presentation that was discussed with students this week, as well as a link to the information booklet that your child received this week.

Mrs Murphy

Deputy Principal – Years 8 and 11


Find the Year 9 2021 subject selection/electives booklet here.

Click on the image to access the Year 8 subject selection presentation: