The Premier’s ANZAC Memorial Scholarship is an exciting opportunity for students from throughout NSW to travel overseas to pursue their passion for history.

In 2019, Mrs Somerfield from our HSIE faculty, who is a passionate advocate of the study of history, was successful in applying for a Port Hacking High School student to be able to participate in the ANZAC Memorial experience.

In February, six eligible candidates from Years 10 and 11 completed a project and an interview, which were forwarded to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs for deliberation.

Following a very competitive process, Lawson da Silva, of Year 10, has been selected to represent Port in the 2021 scholarship experience.

Lawson will travel to Greece and Singapore next year, learning about the effects of world conflicts,  visiting the battlefields where our ANZACs have fought, and commemorating their service.

We are certain that Lawson will be an outstanding ambassador for Port Hacking High School and partake in a memorable study tour with a vitally important purpose.

Well done to all of the students who applied for the scholarship and a massive thanks to Mrs Somerfield for her hard work in bringing this to fruition!