Careers education acknowledges student dreams and aspirations while aiming to increase students’ self-awareness, understanding and confidence in planning for a positive future that includes further study and/or employment. The knowledge and understanding gained will assist students to make wise, well informed decisions while acknowledging employability skills, their ability to improve these skills while at school and confidently articulate what they are capable of.

Careers at Port Hacking High School is focused on providing “career” opportunities for all students 7-10. Opportunities are provided in the form of formal Careers lessons, whole school and individual Year Careers events, lunchtime and morning guest speakers, excursions, programs and workshops. This creates and encourages opportunities for careers conversations with guest speakers, employers, industry professionals, tertiary providers, recognised training organisations, teachers, parents, relatives and peers.

The school has its own Careers website, please utilise this resource it has a wealth of Careers knowledge for both students and parents and no password required.


Careers Updates

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  • Work experience, shadowing opportunities, volunteering and ‘a day in the life’ activities are available in Years 9-12 but focuses mainly on Year 10, where all students are encouraged to participate in all these activities and complete at least 1 week of work experience. Practical assistance is given for employment and study related matters and may address subject selection, jobs, courses, applications, scholarships, study skills, time management and interview skills. Individual career counselling is available to Year 10-12 on request. Parents are welcome to make an appointment with the Careers Adviser and/or the Transition Adviser.